Quotes >>> STYLE WARS

The cops were saying graffiti’s bad because it’s an entry-level crime– you start out writing graffiti and then you go to the next step. But I found really not to be true.
A lot of the graffiti writers say, “If I hadn’t had this passion, I probably would’ve been dead or locked up.” Coming out of the gang era in the early 70s, it was a very criminally-oriented society. And these kids didn’t have time for it– they were so engrossed in graffiti, which was like a full-time job. You had to get the paint, plan your campaign to get into the yards, paint. And you had to do it over and over again. It was a huge system and you couldn’t just do it once and say, “Yeah, I got up.” You had to keep getting up. It saved a lot of people from doing worse things”.

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