The Foundry (London)

"The Foundry en Old Street esta siendo okupado, (realmente ha sido una casa okupa legal durante 10 años). El council (ayuntamiento) de Londres lo cerro la semana pasada para convertirlo en un "hotel del arte", pero a los vecinos del Foundry no les gustaba la idea y han decidido okuparlo de nuevo, para mostrar algo de resistencia. Ellos le han pedido a HYB difundir lo que esta pasando, y hacer un llamamiento a todos los escritores para que se acerquen y pinten el edificio, dentro, fuera (tejados incluidos). Solo acercate y llama a la puerta."

“The foundry in old street is being squatted, (actually it was a legal squat for 10 years). anyway the council closed it last week to make way for a brand new “art hotel” but Foundry’s locals weren’t happy and decided to squat the place, to show some resistance. they asked me to put the word out, they won’t be there long, but they want as many writers as possible to go there and paint the place, inside and out (thats right the rooftops yeah!). just show up in the daytime and knock on the door and they will let you in. please put this out on the page as they want shit loads of people coming to paint on the wall”

la web de "The Foundry"


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