Keep the Faith

Nuevo magazine que documenta el graffiti en la escena londinense

Highly-publicised cases against some of London’s most prolific crews and writers over the last few years, and the techniques used by the authorities to bring them down has brought about a general feeling of fear and apprehension amongst a large portion of London’s graffiti exponents. This coupled with the deaths of some the scene’s most beloved and active writers meant there was a real need to lift the spirits of those closest to the scene, friends, family, associates… to help Keep The Faith.

For that reason we decided to publish a new magazine documenting a small portion of the tons of graffiti that has been painted in the capital over the last 4-5 years. Something old, something new, something borrowed…all of it, true – true to the free, rebellious spirit of graffiti.

Featuring some of the most active writers and crews in London over the past few years, and contributions from overseas visitors, we hope to open your eyes up to what has been going on and show that the heart of London graffiti still beats strong.

Boasting over 50 full-colour A4 pages, the first issue includes plenty of never-seen-before exclusive photos and the following:

* Contributions from some of London’s most active crews including SRW, STD, KC, YRP, GSD, LRS, DFN, ADD, DDS, SFL, MTR, BHB, DWS, LDS and more…
* An exclusive retrospective, and photos from the shoebox, given to us by old school tube legend, COMA.
* An RIP section dedicated to some of the writers who’ve passed away over the last few years.
* Tons of steel from Brits on tour.
* Features on: The Newcastle metro, anarchist writer Mira and graffiti photographer/blogger No Comment.
* And girls… yes GIRLS!

This rare insight into London’s graffiti subculture will be available from the first week of March, but you can pre-order the magazine using the Paypal button on this page. Guaranteeing that it will be with you the minute it is shipped in.

Size: A4
Pages: 56 (Full colour inc. front and back cover)
Language: English
Cover price: £6 (British sterling)
+info aki.

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